Why’s it so big?

What you think makes your drawing so big (awesome)? Props to ya man, prescription makes me happy to be a gamer.

You mean why has Mapstalgia gotten such a big response?  I think it’s just how universal this idea is: there’s tons of people who’ve played video games, for sale who have, sildenafil without really trying to, created these mental maps of fictional worlds that they’re still carrying around with them.

All it takes to make a Mapstalgia map is to sit down and remember a little and put it down on paper.  Getting the details right can be hard, but the basic idea is awfully simple.  Everybody can do it.  Everybody should!

I’ve noticed a lot of new followers the last couple of days, so welcome!  If you haven’t drawn up a map already, go ahead and do it; this place runs on your submissions, so send ‘em on in!

level 1

Oddworld Abe’s Oddysee is definitely one of my favorite games of all time.  Abe is a slave in a meat processing plant, prescription so he has no fighting ability. You play the game with no weapon or hit points, and have to solve a wide variety of puzzles.

This is a map of the first area until you enter the first doorway.

In the map I drew I left the enslaved Mudokons in green, and the Sligs in red (including the sleeping one on the right).  There is a bomb dispenser in the area immediately below the starting area (top left corner) and the circle with a red dot in it is an anti-chant device.  There’s also three saws in the bottom left room.  In square 3 there are 4 doors marked which ones connect.  The dotted rings are chant birds.  The straight dotted lines are rope holding either a loop or elevator.

I’ve since checked how accurate this map is, and I have to say the starting room is spot on!  After that I started accidentally adding parts from other areas…  Still, I haven’t played in about 12 years, and this was a lot of fun and I’m taking this as an opportunity to start playing through again!

The Basement by Leek amended

Updated version of this Tony Hawk map including box placement, cure 1/4 pipe hip, kicker 2 kicker gap instead of bowl. 1/4 pipe at top right, platform instead of ? marks. Thanks Leek, brought back some awesome memories. 

Heh, that’s great.  It’d be interesting to see more of these collaborative creations/amendments; if you see something that needs some annotations, give it the old red-pen treatment and submit it as an update!

the first eight levels

Tbh Half Life 1 is a fairly easy game to remember, as you really only go through one room at a time, and there are no loading screens to “disconnect” you. 

…Although I find it quite easy to remember what you get attacked by in each room, and even the order of the the rooms, it’s rather harder to remember whether empty corridors and vents turn left or right, or how many times. In some cases I have conveniently twisted an unmemorable corridor so that I could keep drawing in a direction where there wasn’t some map already…

Holy cow.  This is epic.  Corinthian, you got a higher-resolution version of this available?  Let me know, tumblr’s image size limit makes the small text pretty much unreadable even zoomed in.

level 1

This is the first level of Donkey Kong Country for the SNES. This game gave out extra lives at an incredible rate—I might have forgotten about one on this level. My brother and I beat it one long weekend in December (I think school was closed because of snow), and like an idiot I told my mother that I probably wouldn’t play it again since it was too easy. Of course she had gotten it for us for Christmas that year. In the 17 or so years since we got it, I would guess we played it at least 300 hours, since it turns out that very easiness made it a great way to lazily kill a half hour waiting for dinner or something, just pick it up and go to the fun levels without worrying about lives or anything. 


This is Caves, the first level to the original Tomb Raider as best I can remember. At the bear jump there is a pressure plate that leads you back into the wolf bridge room but I wasn’t sure how to draw it in here and have it make sense but I do remember it being there. Might have been a small medikit down with the bear as well. I played this game since the day it came out and last played it about a year ago and it still holds so much wonder for me and many memories of my late sister and I taking turns to get through the later levels which were nightmares like Tomb of Tihocan. This game will forever have a special place in my heart and is tied with many precious memories I would be lost without.