You liked X-Com? Go pre-order Xenonauts!

I may have mentioned this game before, medical but as a huge huge fan of the original X-Com games from way back in the mid-90s, health I’ve been thrilled to death by the ongoing development of indie crew Goldhawk Interactive’s Xenonauts, see a really solid attempt at doing a faithful modern remake of the old strategy-and-tactics alien invasion defense game.

I pre-ordered it a while back.  (Before it was popular.  I am an X-Com remake hipster.)  And it’s looking really, really great.  If you’ve played X-Com, you know why this is exciting.  If you haven’t, you can play an alpha build public demo available at their Kickstarter page.

And they’ve just launched a “help us finish this game off and make it amazing” initiative on Kickstarter.  And if you like deep, compelling, you-are-gonna-lose-some-guys gameplay that mixes creepy tactical turn-based isometric combat with high-level save-the-world strategic base planning and research, you should go throw your twenty bucks at a pre-order.  Because OMG. 

Oh.  Muh.  Guh.

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