The Southern Sea

Notes: I wish I had made notes on the in-game map that says what item you get from what little island, because then this would have been a little bit more interesting. Sadly, all I remember is that you get sheep cheese from the island north of the main port.

This is just super great.  And EO is a wonderful game as far as meta-level map stuff goes, what with the built-in drawing-a-map-on-graph-paper game mechanic.

Mission One

I had good memories of this game, and I wanted to do a map. However, since everything is three dimensional and you get into dogfights a lot, I could only wrap my mind around the first mission or five without it turning into a mess.

This mission is quite nice as a beginning tutorial, since it doesn’t make you do a lot of crazy turns for the first 10 minutes.

I can’t really believe it’s been 8 years since this game was released.

Ten thousand followers! Submit a map!

At some point over the weekend, viagra sale the odometer rolled over into the big five digits: Mapstalgia’s got over 10,000 followers now.

That’s crazy!  It’s nuts!  I don’t know what to say, other than I guess people really like video game maps drawn from memory.  Which is great, because I know I do.


Speaking of maps: I need y’all to draw some (or lego some, or condiment some, or watercolor some, or whatever works for you).  This site runs on submissions, and my submission queue is empty!

So put something together and submit it to Mapstalgia.  Dare a friend!  Make your kid do one!  Make your parents do one!  This is creative fun, and everybody could use a little more creative fun in their life.

A big thanks as always to the folks who have submitted in the past, whether as a quick one-off thing or as a repeat submitter.  This is a very fun blog to run, and it’s because of all the weird and wonderful bits of memory you all have taken the time to share with me and all of Mapstalgia’s readers.  You rule.  Keep ‘em coming.

And if you’ve got thoughts or questions about the site, about what could be better or different, about possible new art challenges I could run, to share a fun written memory about video games, etc: please feel free to write me a the contact form.

Here’s to another ten thousand. 

– Josh

first screen and sword cave

The Legend of Zelda, generic first screen and sword cave, hospital by Josh Millard.

Something I made a while back but didn’t get around to uploading until now.  This is a Mapstalgia Challenge two-fer; it’s both a First Screen and a Zelda Time entry.

I don’t have enough lego blocks to do this to one-block-per-tile scale; at this reduced scale I had to be awfully abstract with the graphics.  You’ll note that the grey stripe above the red bonfires in the cave, buy cialis for your IT’S DANGEROUS TO GO ALONE, TAKE THIS stand-in.

It’d be fun to see an entire Zelda overworld done in block-for-block scale, but that’d sure be an awful lot of legos; Zelda maps were 11*16 for each screen, which is 176 blocks per screen.  And the overworld was 16*8 screens in size, so that’s 176*128 blocks or over twenty-two thousand total. LEGO will sell you bricks ala carte; 2*2 blocks run $0.15 each, so buying enough to put this together that way would cost about $3,400 total.  Oof.

A standard two-by-two block of the sort used here is about 5/8ths of an inch, so a world map made per the previous calculations would be a rectangle about 13.3 feet long and 4.5 feet high.  Hell of a wall mural!

example tower

This isn’t a “map” per se, thumb because you can build your tower any way you like, but I just loved this game so much that I couldn’t help myself. I played it to death as a kid and it’s definitely my favourite of the SIM series. I’d say that I wish there was a modern remake, but I don’t think it would have the same charm. For the record, I’m pretty sure you can’t build movie theatres that far from a lobby, but I did it anyways. Deal with it.


Level 1

The first level of Battletoads (slightly abbreviated) on the back of an envelope. My brother and I played this level over and over again for hours at a time hoping to finally beat it. If you’ve ever played it, you know why it’s such a nightmare. To this day, I’ve still never finished it successfully without save states. I guess I’m a horrible person.