Submit to Mapstalgia!

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Want to contribute to Mapstalgia? Awesome! You are an awesome person.

Just draw/paint/sketch/MSPaint/sculpt/etc a map or memory of something from a video game, best as you can remember. It doesn’t have to be accurate or pretty; this is all about trying to share video memories, so do whatever works for you.

Or if you’ve got some other bit of video game art, or a short written anecdote about gaming, or a question/comment, or some other video game culture/memory/neatness stuff that you want to share, feel free to drop that in the inbox here as well.

Be sure to include some info in the fields, as applicable:

  • your name as you’d like it to appear
  • your blog/website if you have one
  • your email address in case I need to contact you about your entry (we might make posters and shirts and stuff, eh?)
  • anything you’d like to say about your submission (like why you drew what you drew, or when you first/last played the game, or your favorite memory from playing it, or that part that you haaaated, or so on)

In particular, please mention what game a drawing is from.

Photos of drawings are fine in a pinch; scans are better if you can. Bigger/higher resolution is always great.

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