first screen

This was one of those awesome simultaneous 2-player experiences where a 1-player version may as well have not existed.

Oh man, my childhood experience of Bubble Bobble was an iffy port on the Amiga 500, and we had one crappy joystick.  Me and my slightly-older sister would play together, one of us was using that terrible peripheral and the other using arrow keys and like z and x for jump and bubble.  We lived for the umbrellas; something about warping ahead was thrilling.

I can’t remember what the text from the first screen was exactly either.  I feel like I should know this.  But I do distinctly remember the prelude music ending with a ritardando turnaround to set up the start of the DOOT doot doooo, duh-DOOT doot doooo, d-DOOT doot doot doot doooooo, duh-duh-… theme loop.  Damn, that Bubble Bobble theme music.