I forget a lot about games, but their locations and layouts are something that sticks with me. Its the kind of thing you never really remember intentionally but through constant play, movement through the space becomes innate to you.

I picked the one I thought I could do best, which is the game I played the most probably. Call of Duty 1/2. Mp_Carentan. World class multiplayer map. 


Originally a CoD1 map based on the Band of Brothers recreation of Carentan, France and later remade as Chinatown in CoD4: Modern Warfare, CoD2’s mp_carentan was one of, if not the, most popular multiplayer maps in the game.

I played so much of this map through vCoD, CoD2, and CoD4 that when I discovered Mapstalgia, Carentan popped into my mind immediately. I set out to recreate it in MSPaint in one attempt, completely from memory. The final product is almost totally accurate in terms of layout, but I discovered that getting the scaling and proportions of everything to be correct was nearly impossible to to from memory. 

For comparison, the actual overhead map views:





This is the map mp_strike from Call of Duty 4 drawn from memory. This was always my favourite map, because if you timed it right, you could throw a frag grenade from the market and over the outside stairs to the florist’s top floor, and catch the two or three people on the opposing team making a beeline for your spawn or peg the sniper who’d invariably be camping there later on in the round (I eventually got this down to near-perfection).

The scale’s all kinds of off, even between the different buildings (especially the shops that are supposed to have their back to the little courtyard outside the florist’s and are South of the balcony building), and I remembered after drawing it that there’s actually a little area that extends South from the bottom left corner of the map and a bigger one which extends North from the big downhill road in the North-East sector, both of which formed the initial team spawns in objective-oriented modes. That, and I’m pretty sure I lettered the flag placements incorrectly, though their locations are correct!

Also, I just realised that the area around A is completely wrong – the A building is much smaller, there’s an alleyway that leads out of the market which is between the A building and a building to its North that looks out onto the central avenue. Redrawing it would be cheating even, if I did realise the mistake and make the corrections from memory!