It’s been ages since I’ve posted one of my own drawings here.  This is a map I couldn’t get enough of during LAN play, even though it was sort of terrible and invited the worst sort of mutual-camping behavior a map could manage.  Seems like by the end of every round there’d be a small pile of AWPs on the floor of the garage entry ramp and the blind corner where the canyon led to the central area, from Ts and CTs sniping and getting sniped ad nauseum while some brave souls would try to actually make something happen via the tunnels.


Man that hallway was always a spamfest.

I’ve been playing the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive beta a bit the last few days and it’s such a flood of memories coming back to these maps, yeah.  I haven’t played any CS regularly in years and years (and oh my lord am I terrible these days, my once proudly mediocre skills having atrophied in the interim), but the layouts came back to me in no time.  Corners to check, boxes to duck behind, where to not bother rushing against a decent team of Ts because they’d always lob a couple of flashes over the wall and leave you blinking and bulletholed…


One of the first maps I played way  back when in Counter Strike 1.6 was fy_iceworld. It was such a simple map but was tons of fun. You had every weapon in game right at your spawn ready to use to blow the other guy’s head off. I’ve had many sleepless nights because of this gem.

This is one of those maps that you get onto for the first time and you look around and sort of think, this is it?  This is stupid!  This is a terrible map!  Totally ridiculous!  And then you spend four hours shooting and getting shot and giggling like an idiot anyway.  It’s a relief to me to realize it wasn’t just some weird one-off that only I and a handful of other people ever played.


I’d go through phases of playing this game for hours on end throughout middle and high school. I remember cs_assault so well because it was the only map I played despite everyone preferring de_dust. Sigh. I miss those days. Please forgive the dimensional inaccuracies. 

Man, cs_assault.  So many hours wasted on this map in college.  Speculatively perforating the ventilation shaft after just about exactly the amount of time it’d take a CT to get to the roof and jump down in; sniper shooting at each other’s feet from either side of the the garage door; dominating Ts rushing out into the open area to track down the panicking CT camper holed up on the far rooftop.  Not the best map for game flow but it sure was memorable.


I don’t have a scanner, so I just took a picture of the drawing. It is definitely not to scale, since I started out too big and ended up with not enough room on the other end. The hardest part was that I’ve played office since 1.6 and even more in Condition Zero than 1.6 and Source combined, so I think I may have melded parts of all of them together in my mind. The hostages are represented with X’s and the light gray shaded part near bottom left is an passage underneath the rest of the map.