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If memory serves, you take the elevator down and the lights are out – then, when you trip some invisible boundary, the two secret rooms open – full of Imps and Flaming Skulls. I was like 13, and I was in a big Tom Clancy phase, book-wise, and I remember I was reading Clear and Present Danger, and there’s a scene where some like super-secret Navy Seal type guys fight a Colombian drug cartel, and the name of the chapter or whatever was “The Battle for Ninja Hill” – and I bring that up only because I remember when I got to this part in the game I died a bunch, and I vividly remember that I named the save game from right before the elevator as Battle for Ninja Hill, and I loaded it many, many times.

Also, I’m pretty sure I’m right, and there was a hidden BFG back there. I love that gun.

Episode 1, Map 1 (aka E1M1, or “Hangar”)

Done in MS Paint from memory (no outside help)

DOOM was not my first PC game, but it stuck with me more than any other game from the late 80’s and early 90’s (Oregon Trail might be an exception). I remember cycling through all of the difficulties, and waiting for enemies to spawn from the green portals on the harder settings (NIGHTMARE!). Knowing all of the tricks on this level sets you up well for the rest of the game, since you can grab a Shotgun AND the coveted Blue Armor before you’re done with the first level.

This game started my love affair with PC gaming, without a doubt.


I remember first entering through the first door and being greeted by all these enemies with just my pistol! Fear as i had never experienced before in a game. I remember hearing the enemies roar and moving my head to the side of the screen to see around a corner. I remember getting to the exit and dying because of the hidden demon! I remember playing this on a 486 DX40 with 250mb Hard Drive and 4mb memory! I remember that even the simplest games back then were able to get us jumping of our chair in agony, frustration and joy! I remeber me playing DOOM for the fisrt time and i smile cause it changed everything for me! I was 14 years old and somehow i think i have stayed that age because of that game…

George Pavlopoulos, Athens, Greece

E1M1 and E1M2

Didn’t have enough time (or the willpower :p) to attempt E1M3 or Beyond. I saw the other post of E1M1 and it inspired me to see if I knew the map better or not.

I still play Doom regularly today. An amazing game thats been ported to every console/gadget made in the past decade. Hopefully it’ll stay that way too. :>


This is the first level from one of the Dooms, I am not 100% sure which but I think it is number 2. The bit that is clearest in my memory is the very start and the drop into the first room. I remember it so well because of the option to turn around rather than drop of and get the chainsaw :)


How could I possibly forget the first level from that most influential of FPS’s, Doom? There’s probably a couple of explosive barrels I’ve missed but I remember the secrets. I also remember wondering whether the blue texture near the starting area was water or blue carpet, I’m still not sure.


Ah, Doom. I must have played through that first shareware episode countless times growing up, mostly on my father’s aging grey brick of a laptop running what was it? windows 95? 98? Can’t remember.

I never did figure out how to get 100% secrets, or if the “flesh coloured orb” even existed or if I’m just half-remembering a idle fantasy of something even being out there. Shooters used to be such huge sprawling messes, half the time you couldn’t tell if a area was just for decoration or if you could really get out there.