Vault 13

There’s not too much to this map, and I couldn’t remember the locations of the various NPCs on Level Two. But this site needs more Fallout and it was a fun way to kill an hour on a Sunday morning :)

Maybe I’ll try something more ambitious sometime, like Junktown or the Hub.

Woo!  At this rate we’ll end up with an entire map of the Fallout games.  This is not a bad thing.

The Den (west)

The first time you play Fallout 2 is usually quite difficult, generic because there isn’t an obvious early game progression in equipment (you start off with a spear and don’t get good guns or armor until well through the Vault City portion of the game, unless you get lucky and come across a well-equipped dead person).

One way to sidestep that difficulty is by visiting The Den, a town mostly populated by drug addicts and the local slaver’s guild. There are two “merchants” (read: drug dealers) here, Tubby and Floyd, who have a significant amount of good equipment that you can buy. Alternatively, you can kill them and take their stuff, which will kit you out through the middle of the game. Since The Den is essentially lawless, there are no real repercussions for doing so, though you’re liable to sit through an endless procession of speed-freak addicts shuffling away from you in turn-based terror. Also, watch out for the children standing by doorways – they will steal random shit from you. Better to steal it back than blow them away.

Tubby and Floyd.  Never liked those guys.  I can’t remember if I ever had the patience and kit to properly do a sneaky heist or if I just thought about it a lot.

world map

Hello from Paris !

Congrats for your site, it’s a relly good idea, keep going !

Last day i was working with some friends, but then we start drawing some maps from memory after we discover Mapstalgia. So here it is : i did a fallout 2 map and a friend did the first level of doom 2 !


I love the Fallout franchise.  And there are things I like quite a lot about the newer games, but it will always go back to the wonder that was these original two PC games, with their quirky ambition and weird world, the way they accommodated genuinely different play styles and made you really want to try and get away with things.  Formative gaming moments, for sure.

New Reno part 1 of 4

Fallout 2 is my all-time favorite game and I’ve spent hundreds of hours playing it, nurse beating it dozens of times. Though I can recite where every important item in the game is located, all the buildings and locations I’ve deemed unimportant seem to have been wiped from my mind. Strangely enough, I managed to remember the exact layouts of building interiors much better than the actual design of the city. The reason I chose New Reno is because it is my favorite city and I would frequently use the Shark Club as my “house”. Since there were no homes in Fallout 2, that meant killing everyone there and putting my stuff on the shelves, then carefully positioning all my followers to look like they’re guarding the place.

Due to size constraints of the paper I was using, several of the buildings were cut off part-way or left off altogether (I know there was a large empty ?c?r?a?c?k? ?h?o?u?s?e?  jet house somewhere). I had the hardest time remembering the far East side because I only ever went the for a short period.

This four-part New Reno sketch is really wonderful, and much better recall than I would have been able to manage despite my abiding love for Fallout 2.  Really nicely done.