I know, the games not actually out yet, but I’ve watched the gameplay video so many times it’s imprinted in my memory more than most games I’ve actually played.

I really love this stage. Hell, I loved it in God of War 3. I can’t wait to play it.

Ha!  We should have a whole “draw a map from a game you haven’t actually played” challenge some time.

The Unbearable Dullness of Playing Kung Fu

It’s a map of Kung Fu from the Nintendo Entertainment System.  I’m not sure why the comments didn’t go through.  I said something about how my friend and I had saved up for months to buy it when we were young… We got to the department store and had a choice between Kung Fu and Kid Icarus.  It is still the worst decision I’ve ever made.. And I’ve been divorced TWICE!

This is a stirring indictment of something, but no details were provided so I don’t know of what Kung Fu that’s more thorough than I could do because I only got past the first floor once.  It was, indeed, a fairly butt game.