Triple Triad board

It’s the Triple Triad board from Final Fantasy VIII. Or as my mates and I called it, for sale The Main Game. I spent probably 10x the amount of time playing Triple Triad compared to the story. When FFVIII came out on as a PSOne Classic I bought it just to play Triple Triad.

It’s the best mini game I’ve played in all of the Final Fantasy Series.

Sector 7

Since it’s the 15th anniversary of the release of Final Fantasy VII I decided to whip up a quick Mapstalgia for the game. Seeing as someone else has already done a better job than I would have of the World Map, pilule I decided to focus in on a particular area that always stands out in my mind, Sector 7.

It’s the first area you get to where the game lets you relax, you can buy equipment here, visit the beginner’s hall for some gameplay tips (and an all materia!) check out the public masturbater’s “special place” or just head to the bar to flirt with Tifa.

It’s all the more memorable for how you leave it, though I won’t spoil it here as I’m sure there are still some people out there who haven’t played it. 

Oh, the happy couple.  And then later they commit simultaneous double-suicide, or something?  I was never really clear on what the intent was there.  Maybe they just had a dramatically sarcastic approach to making snow angels?

world map

I played the PSP rerelease last year so my memory of this map was a pretty vivid. That being said, I made a couple glaring mistakes. I put a series of great lakes where the underground waterway should go(kind of defeats the purpose of it being underground.) I forgot Mist so now the waterfall north of Baron flows directly from the sea. I actually drew the funky peninsula east of Kaipo but erased it because I could have sworn that only FFV had one of those. Mysidia is an island separated from Mt. Ordeals and takes the place of Agart which I completely forgot about.


This is a summary of the map of every single area of Final Fantasy 13, except for Gran Pulse, directly from my memory and experience.

Totally unfair.  Sometimes you had to navigate an annoyingly linear zigzag. Or an annoyingly linear series of gentle curves.  The game had a whole variety of annoyingly linear paths to slog mindlessly through en route to the cut scenes.

world map

Excuse the crappy handwriting. I think the most interesting thing
about this exercise is how MAD I am at myself for the mistakes. How
many times have I saved the world? And what is the planet even called?
It’s engendering the same arrogant-american-shame feelings I get when
I can’t remember the capital of the Czech Republic, or call a country