Truth and Reconciliation

Last time I played this game was appx. 2 years ago. I played the campaign for Halo: Combat Evolved many a time, physician so hopefully I got everything near perfect. Might play the game later to see just how close I actually got!! Included are:

Patrol paths, Enemy Locations, drop zones for enemies and allies, (Red for enemy, green for ally), a couple of ammo spots and health. Included is a key.

I only drew up to the grav-lift, because if I drew the inside of the TaR, it’d look like a kitten jumbled up a ball of yarn, with the prison, and the control room. Maybe the hangar.



I never actually played the original Halo, so I can’t identify this map.  Help me out here, Mapstalgiacs!  Ah!  Truth and Reconciliation!  Thanks for the heads up, brondeef.

One of the biggest surprises I’ve had running this site is how much googling I’ve been doing on games I’m not personally totally (or at all) familiar with.  And I tried “TaR” from drmcmeaty’s description but got misled by Tac. Assault Rifle results that sure didn’t make sense.

that one stage

Hi there, no rx your blog inspired me to write something of my own. If you’re interested, here’s the link. Cheers for this great blog, you really coaxed out some great nostalgia =)

Thanks, Will!  And that’s a great little vignette; go give it a read, folks.  I’m pretty sure there’s a little bit of Bartek in all of us.  And does anybody know the name of this stage?  I was never a C&C guy.


I did NS_SOMETHINGOROTHER. Um. It actually had a name, but I can’t remember what it was now. It’s not Tanith… blah! I can’t remember.


I played a lot of games on this map. A ton. It wasn’t real great in terms of fairness between the teams – the two hive locations branching off of Cargo were better start locations than the one off by its lonesome way on the other side of the map. A lot of the areas were very friendly to Marines, who had the advantage anyway just because of range and the fragility of skulks. Trying to attack down the latter from Cargo into the mess hall (which was very nicely done, it had a little table and a cooking area and stuff) was pretty much suicide. The big hive location in the upper left was horrible – just a big wide-open space with very little cover. If it was your starting hive and marines got into it, it was over. Or late game, if they got jetpacks? Good luck killing a marine with a jetpack in that freaking place.

The crew quarters (I think’s what they were – they had lockers and stuff) on the other hand were awesome. Dark and twisty, lots of vent entrances, little alcoves to hide in in the ceiling – it was very tough to safely pass through there in the early game as marines.

And if aliens were winning, the end-game often became torturous because of that long, narrow ramp. If allowed to, marines on a public server could just wall in up there and pour grenades and heavy machinegun fire down the tunnel. You had to resort to kamikaze skulk-bombs leaping in and blowing themselves up to at least distract the marines long enough for fades and onos to get up the ramp.

I did some competing in the CAL ns laders, and this map was never really popular there because of its imbalances. It was definitely a map that went for atmosphere, and it did that really well. The competitive maps were fun, too, but in a different way. Their layouts led to tense situations, ambushes, desperate fights for resource towers, and surprise hive-kills. This place made it feel like you’d been sent to purge a spaceship of an alien infestation, or alternatively that you were hunting the weak and easily-punctured humans.

Good times.