I know, the games not actually out yet, but I’ve watched the gameplay video so many times it’s imprinted in my memory more than most games I’ve actually played.

I really love this stage. Hell, I loved it in God of War 3. I can’t wait to play it.

Ha!  We should have a whole “draw a map from a game you haven’t actually played” challenge some time.

first screen (stage selection)

This was always one of my favorite games (originally on PS2, but I eventually got it for GameCube when I lost my first copy).

I can’t draw characters. But Big was a ton of fun to play as.

I gave up on Charmy the Bee, because, really, who gives a damn about Charmy the Bee?

I’m going to admit that I have always had kind of a shitty attitude about Sonic.  Not as a franchise — the original games were pretty great as a twist on early platformers — but as a product of the hated Sega (I was a NES kid through-and-through in playground arguments) but more so just for the character design.  Sonic always looked like he deserved a punch in the face.  I don’t know.  Emotional baggage.  I should maybe talk to a therapist about this.

Scarecrow’s First Nightmare

Not so much the map of a place as it is the map of an event. I though it’d be interesting, ampoule seeing as you never actually go anywhere new, but your perception of the world changes drastically as you fall deeper into Scarecrow’s influence.

I found the Scarecrow events to be by far the best parts of the game, and in fact, some of the most exciting and unexpected things to happen in any game.

Interesting.  Puts me in mind of the same sort of one-place-with-multiple-faces thing that the Silent Hill series has made some good use of at times — the way that assumed familiarity with a location can make subtle (or often not-so-subtle) changes an effective way to disturb or disorient the player.

Green Greens

One of the more memorable stages from the entire Smash Bros. series. Particularly memorable for that damn tree that always blows you off the stage. And it thinks it can make up for it by giving you apples.

That tree gives me the heebee jeebees, more so than you’d expect to be possible from cartoony background stuff in a Smash Bros game.  Just like, augh, WHAT IS UP WITH THE TREE, AAAUUUGGHHH

Test Chamber 00

Basically, the very first level of Portal. I think the map is pretty accurate (poorly drawn, but accurate) since it’s one of the simplest maps. It’s been a while since I played the original Portal though.

In the starting room, there’s a lot of little things, like the radio, and I think there might’ve been a clipboard or pencil or something. Little stuff to throw around. There are also a couple of cameras in the level, but I only included the one.