first screen

My favorite horror game.  I was in college when I got this, and at any given point 5-10 people would be watching me play this. Point is, I was never alone, but that didn’t stop me from being so terrified from the experience that I had to read a drug store romance novel at night to calm down enough to sleep.  It was called, “Spirit’s Song” and starred a man named Jesse Yellow Thunder.

Silent Hill 2 is the greatest.  I remember starting into it for the first time some evening in maybe 2002, my wife watching through the first three hours or so before heading off to bed, and I was sitting alone in the dark living room at night and making my way into the hospital and OH MY GOD THOSE NURSE THINGS WANDERING OUT OF THE DARK and I just had to call it a night right then and there and pick it up in daylight.

I’m a big horror fan, but most of it doesn’t actually get to me at a gut level; somehow, Silent Hill 2 did.

first screen

I imagine that one day I’ll hear “your torch is almost out” music erupt from out of nowhere, buy cialis and then: “my power goes out with sizzle.  With outstretched arms, I move slowly, looking for a light. Suddenly, I trip over something! It was my cat. Smash! I fell face first to the floor.  It’s a sad thing my adventures have ended here.” Or something.


I’m not sure if something like this is cool to submit, viagra   but this map was drawn from memory so I thought I’d give it a whirl.  Feel free to not post it if it doesn’t fly!

I find myself chortling like Game-Over-Ganon when ill-spirited things happen in my favor.

This flies like a goddam SR-17 with D.A.R.Y.L. at the stick, Kate.  Beautiful work.

first screen

For whatever reason, I kind of fell out of gaming after the Super Nintendo/Genesis days.  I still played what I had here and there, but I had no idea what was happening in the market for a few years.  Out of nowhere, I asked for a Playstation and Resident Evil 2 as my 15th or 16th birthday present and it changed my f***ing life. I became a survival horror junkie from that point on despite how poorly I can handle being scared.

first screen

This was one of those awesome simultaneous 2-player experiences where a 1-player version may as well have not existed.

Oh man, my childhood experience of Bubble Bobble was an iffy port on the Amiga 500, and we had one crappy joystick.  Me and my slightly-older sister would play together, one of us was using that terrible peripheral and the other using arrow keys and like z and x for jump and bubble.  We lived for the umbrellas; something about warping ahead was thrilling.

I can’t remember what the text from the first screen was exactly either.  I feel like I should know this.  But I do distinctly remember the prelude music ending with a ritardando turnaround to set up the start of the DOOT doot doooo, duh-DOOT doot doooo, d-DOOT doot doot doot doooooo, duh-duh-… theme loop.  Damn, that Bubble Bobble theme music.

all stages

My brother got this and Super Mario Bros. with his NES (which became our NES much to his chagrin).  It’s ridiculous how many hours a kid can play a game that’s only four screens long.  Just recently, my friends and I stumbled across a beach side arcade in York Beach, ME which had the cabinet of DK Jr. in its collection, into which I promptly dumped many quarters.

One time when I was a kid, I went to a family wedding in Montana, and the hotel we were staying at had a few arcade machines in a cubby down the hall from our room.  And Donkey Kong Jr. was not the best game of the bunch, but it was, importantly, the only game that was apparently in free-play mode.  I don’t know if I’d ever even seen the game before that, but as a bored kid who wasn’t all that into socializing with extended family and friends or dancing at a wedding reception, that DK Jr. machine pretty much kept me sane.

Stage 1-1

Hands down my favorite NES game.  I was like a savant with this, beating it back to back to back while my older brother and his friends couldn’t. Fortunately,  I sucked at every other game to make up for that.

Another childhood rendition (think I was five or so for this one).

(Sorry I’m bombarding your submission link.  This is my new favorite way to wait for public transportation.)

No apologies, Kate!  This is great stuff, I’m really liking the sketchy precision of your line work in these.