Central Town

Not the most artistic or neat, but the first thing that came to mind when I thought of MegaMan. Sadly, MegaMan BattleNetwork 6 Cybeast Falzar was the only MegaMan game I ever played, but when I revisit my GBA I always go for a quick NetBattle. I might attempt draw some other towns from this game later on. (Probably nothing on the Net, though, because those areas are huge and complicated.)  

QuickMan’s stage

Everyone always does AirMan first (because it’s easy) or MetalMan (to break the game in half with his weapon), but once I learned the pattern to the lasers, QuickMan became my default first choice because MetalMan is weak to the Quick Boomerangs, and they make what would be a lengthy fight much faster. Of course, motor memory is very different from visual memory, and my attempt at remembering the details of the stage stage probably isn’t overly accurate.

Oh man, those lasers.  Those freakin’ lasers.  I think I eventually learned to do them the honest way, but for a long time I would opt to put this off until I’d gotten the time-freeze ability.  The means of acquiring which I now can’t remember.  Maybe time to revisit this game.

My Dr. Wily map would be “platform, platform, ladder, ladder, goddam horrible jumping thing, goddam dragon, ???

first dungeon

I know there’s a trapped room with a bunch of worm Reaverbots down one of those corridors but I can’t be arsed to remember which one.

The first time I played this, it was probably a couple of months after it had come out. It was the first PS1 game I had every bought with my own money.

Today, I make a habit of playing through it once every year. It really is my favorite game.