Nuke Building

I played Metal Gear Solid to absolute death when I was younger. I’d borrow it off my friend every other week to just play it again and again. I finally have my own copy now, which I still play from time to time. This is a map of the Nuke Building, all the floors I think. I can’t remember the items that are scattered about it though unfortunately. I put down all I could remember though! Oh I forgot all the dead bodies in the corridor going to Otacons lab *facepalm*!

Sub Pen

The beginning area in Metal Gear Solid. The first time I saw this at a friend’s house I was blown away by the thinking and patience required to get through even this first area. I was totally terrible at the game, but felt compelled to explore every bit of it. I can’t quite remember what was in that top left area, though…

Anyway, at some point the game just clicked and I was suddenly competent enough to play stealthily. I’ve been hooked on stealth games ever since, and this beginning area in MGS was definitely the catalyst.

Sub Pen

This is Snake, mind  Colonel can you hear me!?

Here’s Area 1 (I believe it’s called the sub pen. Checking up the proper name didn’t seem in-keeping with the spirit of this site though :P) from Metal Gear Solid on the PSone.

Ive played this game so many damned times that I’m pretty confident could probably throw together a fairly  accurate map layout of the entire game from memory… but that’s going to take ages, so this’ll do for now.

Snake?  Snake?!  SNAAAAAAAAAAKE!

opening scene

I was 11 when MGS came out, there I bought it on the day of release (the adverts with the giant robot were what drew me to it, being a fan of Transformers when I was younger still) and played it, but sucked at it, obviously. However, I think I’ve played through it close to 20 times (which isn’t much when you consider I played MGS3 all the way through 30 times), the last time was in 2007 which I remember well because it was the first game I ever played on my PS3, even before I touched Rainbow Six: Vegas and Resistance: Fall of Man which both came with it… That says a lot about the perceived need for excellent graphics and online features in modern games, doesn’t it? Or maybe it says more about me and the fact that I bought a next-gen console to play a game that was two generations old…?