G5 Building (multiplayer map)

I had played and beaten the solo game, prostate and multiplayer was growing stale.  (It never seemed to be as fun as Goldeneye had been.)  It seemed like Perfect Dark was winding down.  Then I invented a game called “Desperation”.  It was a game of king-of-the-hill with one-hit kills, lots of computer characters, and a set of weapons that, if I do say so, lead to a pretty great balance.  I picked the G5 Building because it was the smallest, so it was hardest to keep the hill.  The “desperation” is in the person in the hill, trying to stay alive, and for the everyone else, running back to the hill as fast as they can before the enemy gets a point.  For all the years since I have been playing Desperation off and on with a friend of mine.  I now know the G5 Building like I know the layout of my own home.  Still, getting the proportions right for this map was tricky!

level 1

I went through a phase where I would repeatedly play through the first level of games I liked and was afraid of anything new.  Turok’s first level is probably the biggest level that I sort of memorized.

Still waiting for the Star Trek: Voyager crossover game.

Red Light District

Like the previous submission of level one, this is a mix of both the N64 version and PC version. Aside from small things like posters, the only real difference is the removal of the strip club and bar for the N64 version. They were replaced with a loading dock and restaurant respectively. Strangely they left in the “adult viewing” area though.

The map show the N64 version first and if you switch out the areas boxed in red you get the PC version.

Again, a blue/purple “S” indicates a secret area.

Karen’s Family’s Cellar

Harvest Moon 64 is/was/will always be my favorite video game of all time. That being said I’m no completist. As many times as I’ve played “through” this game (far too many to count) I have always married Karen. Why? What do you mean why, ailment are you stupid?

It is a small map and unsurprisingly I was nearly dead accurate. The only thing I’m not 100% positive about is the location of the crack, but I’m 99% sure that’s where it was. If you “choose” (I guess if you are into ugly girls you might choose someone else, I understand) to woo Karen you end up spending a lot of time in this cellar apparently stealing wine so that you can beat Karen in a drinking contest. What. A. Woman.

Bob-omb Battlefield

A Haiku:

Bob-omb Battlefield,

First level in Mario

Thank you Nintendo!


The level/map/board we all know and love. Game: Super Mario 64, of course.


A Mario 64 fan and a child at heart

P.S.: Great site!

Video game haiku seems like it could be it’s own whole deal.  Or maybe some William Carlos Williams?  I have eaten / the mushroom / that was in / the [?] block…

Hollywood Holocaust

This is actually a mix of two different versions of the same game. Duke Nukem 3D (PC) and Duke Nukem 64 (N64). Some of the changes, such as taming down the movie posters and removing the strip club in the second level were likely Nintendo’s call, but some other ones I guess we’ll never know the reason.

The main differences in this map:

The secret area in the apartment is moved, the arcade is slightly shifted around, the bathroom is completely different (this map shows the N64 version), and the biggest change was adding an entire new area, the grocery store that is only reachable by a hidden teleporter at the end of the level.

Being one of my all-time favorite games, I really hope I didn’t miss any secret areas (indicated by the blue/purple “S”) since I never had a problem missing any when playing the game. I think I may have mixed up the hallway to the projector room and the bathroom, either that or it is different on the two different versions. For items, I tried to only map out important things and didn’t bother with ammunition or small health kits to keep down clutter. I also discovered, during this, that using MS paint takes about five times longer than just drawing it by hand. But it sure does look a lot cleaner. If only I had a tablet…