You liked X-Com? Go pre-order Xenonauts!

I may have mentioned this game before, medical but as a huge huge fan of the original X-Com games from way back in the mid-90s, health I’ve been thrilled to death by the ongoing development of indie crew Goldhawk Interactive’s Xenonauts, see a really solid attempt at doing a faithful modern remake of the old strategy-and-tactics alien invasion defense game.

I pre-ordered it a while back.  (Before it was popular.  I am an X-Com remake hipster.)  And it’s looking really, really great.  If you’ve played X-Com, you know why this is exciting.  If you haven’t, you can play an alpha build public demo available at their Kickstarter page.

And they’ve just launched a “help us finish this game off and make it amazing” initiative on Kickstarter.  And if you like deep, compelling, you-are-gonna-lose-some-guys gameplay that mixes creepy tactical turn-based isometric combat with high-level save-the-world strategic base planning and research, you should go throw your twenty bucks at a pre-order.  Because OMG. 

Oh.  Muh.  Guh.

Ten thousand followers! Submit a map!

At some point over the weekend, viagra sale the odometer rolled over into the big five digits: Mapstalgia’s got over 10,000 followers now.

That’s crazy!  It’s nuts!  I don’t know what to say, other than I guess people really like video game maps drawn from memory.  Which is great, because I know I do.


Speaking of maps: I need y’all to draw some (or lego some, or condiment some, or watercolor some, or whatever works for you).  This site runs on submissions, and my submission queue is empty!

So put something together and submit it to Mapstalgia.  Dare a friend!  Make your kid do one!  Make your parents do one!  This is creative fun, and everybody could use a little more creative fun in their life.

A big thanks as always to the folks who have submitted in the past, whether as a quick one-off thing or as a repeat submitter.  This is a very fun blog to run, and it’s because of all the weird and wonderful bits of memory you all have taken the time to share with me and all of Mapstalgia’s readers.  You rule.  Keep ‘em coming.

And if you’ve got thoughts or questions about the site, about what could be better or different, about possible new art challenges I could run, to share a fun written memory about video games, etc: please feel free to write me a the contact form.

Here’s to another ten thousand. 

– Josh