first screen

Hi there!  I don’t know if you would want to use this for your starting screen thing or not.  This area is the very first screen, but it’s seen from a behind-the-back view, which is, of course, not how I’ve done it. 

This is the garage area of Jet Set Radio Future for the original Xbox.  It’s completely from memory, and this game likes to throw a lot of details at you, so there’s plenty missing.  And I can’t be 100% sure of the exits to the other areas in the game, but it’s pretty close.  I just finished this game and loved it, and this area serves as a safe space and the hub world throughout the adventure.

level 1-1

First, please forgive my lack artistic ability and second, no, I’m not a doctor, I just write that way. I put way too much time into Ninja Gaiden, considering that I never did beat the final boss, Jaqio(?), in fact I only recently found out that he has a second form! I think I’m only remembering the highlights of the level, ie the ‘tutorial’ parts that introduce all the mechanics of the game. It’s not as brilliantly done as SMB’s first level in that regard, but pretty good. Drawn during a staff meeting.

The Kid 1-1

The music and levels from The Kid section of Super Meat Boy are forever etched into the fabric of my DNA. It’s what separates the boys from the super meat boys.

Super Meat Boy is the kind of hard-as-a-diamond-core platformer that I’m glad exists but do not have the force of will to actually make serious progress in.  My mind knows the way to go but my fingers betray me at one crucial moment or another, go after go, and I end up in a demoralized funk.

So instead I play it’s weird cousin The Binding of Isaac and for some reason enjoy that slightly slower pace of inevitably dying because I’m bad at it.

Whispering Rocks Psychic Summer Camp

Psychonauts remains one of my favorite games, clinic I’ve played it many times. I Drew this back when I first read about Mapstalgia on Rock, Paper, Shotgun but never got around to uploading it. Now I regret drawing it on lined paper but since there still isn’t any Psychonauts map here (really?! why?) and there’s currently a lack of maps I figured I’d upload it anyway.

“upload it anyway” is exactly the right sort of thing to do.  Besides, you can take it as a lesson learned for you next one!

all stages

My brother got this and Super Mario Bros. with his NES (which became our NES much to his chagrin).  It’s ridiculous how many hours a kid can play a game that’s only four screens long.  Just recently, my friends and I stumbled across a beach side arcade in York Beach, ME which had the cabinet of DK Jr. in its collection, into which I promptly dumped many quarters.

One time when I was a kid, I went to a family wedding in Montana, and the hotel we were staying at had a few arcade machines in a cubby down the hall from our room.  And Donkey Kong Jr. was not the best game of the bunch, but it was, importantly, the only game that was apparently in free-play mode.  I don’t know if I’d ever even seen the game before that, but as a bored kid who wasn’t all that into socializing with extended family and friends or dancing at a wedding reception, that DK Jr. machine pretty much kept me sane.


Back when I was a child I played Metroid all the time. I’ve probably beaten that game over 30 times by now. I used to kind of frown upon the password system and always just restart the game, see how far I can get without dying.

The last time I played Metroid was probably 3 months ago… I think I’ll give it another run tonight.

Stage 1-1

Hands down my favorite NES game.  I was like a savant with this, beating it back to back to back while my older brother and his friends couldn’t. Fortunately,  I sucked at every other game to make up for that.

Another childhood rendition (think I was five or so for this one).

(Sorry I’m bombarding your submission link.  This is my new favorite way to wait for public transportation.)

No apologies, Kate!  This is great stuff, I’m really liking the sketchy precision of your line work in these.