Mission One

I had good memories of this game, and I wanted to do a map. However, since everything is three dimensional and you get into dogfights a lot, I could only wrap my mind around the first mission or five without it turning into a mess.

This mission is quite nice as a beginning tutorial, since it doesn’t make you do a lot of crazy turns for the first 10 minutes.

I can’t really believe it’s been 8 years since this game was released.

first screen

My favorite horror game.  I was in college when I got this, and at any given point 5-10 people would be watching me play this. Point is, I was never alone, but that didn’t stop me from being so terrified from the experience that I had to read a drug store romance novel at night to calm down enough to sleep.  It was called, “Spirit’s Song” and starred a man named Jesse Yellow Thunder.

Silent Hill 2 is the greatest.  I remember starting into it for the first time some evening in maybe 2002, my wife watching through the first three hours or so before heading off to bed, and I was sitting alone in the dark living room at night and making my way into the hospital and OH MY GOD THOSE NURSE THINGS WANDERING OUT OF THE DARK and I just had to call it a night right then and there and pick it up in daylight.

I’m a big horror fan, but most of it doesn’t actually get to me at a gut level; somehow, Silent Hill 2 did.