Kanto and Johto

This is the combined map for Kanto and Johto from the Pokemon games. I started off doing Kanto which took no time at all as I played the original games SO MANY TIMES. I then decided to add in the Johto map, which took a bit longer to remember. I also added the gym leaders names (in a colour appropriate to their type). I also added in a few important landmarks besides the towns, such as islands, houses and pokemon that block the path. :) Then I decided to colour in with a spray-can effect to mark where land/sea is, where I think will be where many of my mistakes will be! I regretted the decision halfway through as it took ages, but it was too late then.


It isn’t really proportionate, but I got most things right. Forgot some names like Silence Bridge and Nugget Bridge, but the rest is fine, I think.

I had played all three Generation I games back in the days – Red, Blue and Yellow, to the DEATH. Afterwards came Gold, Silver and Crystal. After that, interest waned a bit. Then I got my hands on Fire Red. Everything changed.

Since I also played SoulSilver a lot, my knowledge of the Kanto Map should be pretty fair. The Johto map, however, is a whole other case. Funny, if you think about it.

Kanto Region

Pokemon Red was my first real game for the gameboy, diagnosis and I studied it to death. I was an avid programmer on the TI-84 calculators all through Junior High and High School, and I was working on porting the maps to a playable version of the game. That never saw the light of day of course (I graduated and got a RealLife(tm) unfortunately) but I saw your site and immediately got out my paper and pencil and went to work.

This is all of the major towns and some of the in-between features, as best I could remember them  completely from memory. I haven’t played the original game in several years. Marked are important locations that I could remember, such as the fabled Missingno glitch, the HM Fly which I never found until very late in my first playthrough, and all the locations where Gary encounters you. (To my knowledge, I haven’t missed any Gary encounters on the map— the one at the Plateau is omitted intentionally.)

I remembered the general shape of the Forest and some of the earlier routes, but my route memory fades just outside of Pewter, so I resorted to just showing connections. I also omitted Nugget Bridge and Bill’s house north of Celadon due to running out of paper. I think I have the Gyms, Pokemon Marts, and Pokemon Centers at least in their general locations within each city, which is encouraging.


Kanto Region

I just remembered the original pokemon world map.  I couldn’t remember the names of the places so I just labelled them with what I remembered.  

I always preferred to play pokemon Yellow, but everyone that ever played knows about MissingNo.  The best and last pokemon game I owned was Silver version.  Full color without the clutter of today’s huge ridiculous pokedex.  I pulled it out again last summer to see if I could catch ‘em all.  I haven’t yet, but will keep trying!

Oh and for those of you who now want to pull out your old GBC Pokemon games, you will likely have to replace the battery in the game cartridge in order to save your game.  Google it for instructables and whatnot.