I dont know if this is ok but im going to post it anyway because its so cool :) This is an sketch drawn by John Romero of the Quake level e2m3 that he shared on his twitter page. I just love that its drawn on a little Id software paper that he probably had beside his computer, just brainstorming map ideas one afternoon. Here is the original twitter post.

Neat!  A little mission creep now and then is okay, it’s nice having a little straight-from-the-horse’s-mouth context for this game mapping stuff.  I love the random shitty little doodles at the bottom corners.


FFA Perfection.  This is where you work your rail.  To this day, this is the map I load up and play against bots when I am looking to just blow off some steam or spend a few minutes in that centering zen-state brought on by Q3.  No other FPS compares.

The top half of the page is the side view, and the bottom half is the top-down view.  It is difficult for me to draw anything with actual perspective so this was the best way to present the map.  I am pretty certain I have missed some machine gun ammo and armor shards, and horribly misrepresented the platforms, but my memory for the map is more love than accurate, so this will have to do.

Thanks for the memories, id.


I’m a terrible artist but just had to have a crack at drawing the first level of the first world of Quake 1. Quake was my first real introduction to online FPS games. When I couldn’t play it online (either because I’d used far too much of my parent’s phone bill, or they wanted to use the phone), the single player was the next best thing, especially with mods.

I find it really calming to knock out a few levels now and then. It’s really interesting to see the parts of the level my brain exaggerates or ignores completely. I’m no artist but there’s some definite scaling issues going on. I couldn’t think of an elegant way to put the underwater bit in, so I drew it off to one side, along with the hidden column/hazmat suit. I’m forgetting a lot of ammo placement. I loved grabbing the double-barrelled shotgun, partially shooting an enemy, and then unloading both barrels so they gibbed…. I think I’m going to go and play it now.


One of my friends showed me Q3 when I was in first year of college. I had no internet at the time, so I could only play against bots and do movement tricks. He tried to teach me how to straffe and circle jump, and it was on this map that I trained hard, trying to jump from the platform to the railgun failing a thousand times before, one day, achieving this and feeling part of an elite (which I was of course not part of).

Thank you for this, it rocks :)


Man o man, nurse the cat-and-mouse situations that went on in this room!  Since this is where the rocket launcher spawned, around respawn time the peons would crawl out of the woodwork hoping to get it, and of course the guy already with the RL would come in to kill them all.   But the RL guy would be afraid of getting zapped by the lightning gun in the water, so the peons would often end up jumping into the water. The surface of the water was opaque (originally), so a common experience was hiding in it trying not to be too close to a wall as the rockets rained down from above guessing your location… shooting down right the LG.. at the tunnel escape, back at the LG, into a corner.. down by the door at the top of the map because that was the best place to escape the water… You’d risk breaking the surface so you didn’t start drowning…