This is Kyalami from Grand Prix Legends. Unfortunately this rendering doesn’t adequately convey the dramatic altitude and track camber changes. Nor does it convey how head-on-desk frustrating it is to set personal bests in the first three sectors then get on the throttle a little early in the penultimate corner and spin out ruining not only that lap but the next as well.

Seaside Route 765

Ah, sickness the infamously infamous Seaside Route 765. Found in almost every Ridge Racer title (IIRC except Rage Racer and Ridge Racer Unbounded, unless if there’s a mod/track piece to do so/make a close imitation of it), it’s one of the shortest and easiest track to navigate(save for Rage Racer’s Extreme Oval and R4’s Shooting Hoops). Featuring handful amount of long, but not-so-tight curves, it’s always a pleasure to drift in this track with virtually any vehicle.

*FYI: 765 translates to Namco in kanji

Arcade map

This is how I remember the default (“Arcade”) map from Crazy Taxi. Lots of lost hours (and missed work) from the Dreamcast version of this game. Deliberate quirks of the burst and drift “moves” seeded some surprisingly deep gameplay, once you got really into the nuances of the physics, though real, competitive high-level play didn’t seem to catch on in a big way in the US. 

And, christ, that soundtrack. Scorched into my brain. “Yah yah yah yah yah…”

Love your linework here.  So clean!

City Trial

Anyone who played Kirby Air Ride knew City Trial was where it was at. I chose to draw up the city in all of its glory. I must have sunk 100 hours into City Trial alone with this game, site which is how I still remember the city this well. It help’s that it’s not so big, but I feel like I did a pretty good job with proportions and whatnot. I did forget at least one ramp and the sky garden, but I left the latter out because it’s right in the middle of the map and might have been awkward to put it.

Still waiting for a sequel to this game! Cheers!