every single shop

This is my absolutely terrible rendition of just about any given shop in Faxanadu for the NES. It doesn’t help that I’m not the best drawer in the first place, but using a mouse to draw makes it even worse. I hope this causes at least one other person to remember their mantra. 

Hey, minimalism has it’s charms.  And man oh man I haven’t thought of Faxanadu in a long time.  I think I must have rented it once, because I don’t remember much of what comes up on googling but I have a small potent memory of the basic gameplay interactions.

every floor of Jail/Catacombs

It is currently the eve of Diablo 3 and I have Diablo on the mind and was also looking for something to kill the last 24 hours, ailment so here you go. Over 9,000 hours in MS paint, bask in its glory. Seriously though, sorry it is way uglier than my previous submissions, I drew it without really expecting to submit it, but figured “what the hell” at least it is somewhat topical.

Since these floors were randomly generated, this is more of a “commentary” about how seemingly every single time the staircase to proceed would always be the very last room left to clear. This happens pretty much everywhere in the game for me, but it seemed particularly frequent in Act 1.

See also how the more people you are playing multiplayer with, the more likely it is that you’re stuck going through tiny one-at-a-time worm tunnels in Act II.  Everything about Diablo 2 that wasn’t awesome was TERRIBLE.

The Southern Sea

Notes: I wish I had made notes on the in-game map that says what item you get from what little island, because then this would have been a little bit more interesting. Sadly, all I remember is that you get sheep cheese from the island north of the main port.

This is just super great.  And EO is a wonderful game as far as meta-level map stuff goes, what with the built-in drawing-a-map-on-graph-paper game mechanic.

Triple Triad board

It’s the Triple Triad board from Final Fantasy VIII. Or as my mates and I called it, for sale The Main Game. I spent probably 10x the amount of time playing Triple Triad compared to the story. When FFVIII came out on as a PSOne Classic I bought it just to play Triple Triad.

It’s the best mini game I’ve played in all of the Final Fantasy Series.

Central Town

Not the most artistic or neat, but the first thing that came to mind when I thought of MegaMan. Sadly, MegaMan BattleNetwork 6 Cybeast Falzar was the only MegaMan game I ever played, but when I revisit my GBA I always go for a quick NetBattle. I might attempt draw some other towns from this game later on. (Probably nothing on the Net, though, because those areas are huge and complicated.)  

first screen

This is the opening scene in Starwars: KOTOR, site as far as I can remember. You’re in a space ship and stuff is sparking and warning beeps are going off because bad stuff is happening! You wake up with no idea who you are and no one else seems to know either (plot point!). The gray circle is the select tool, and most of this scene is just a tutorial on how to select and equip. You’re naked because you have to put clothes on, obviously. I put some sort of health display in too because I’m pretty sure there was one. Great memories!

Ha!  Totally great, yeah; very nice First Screen entry.

And you immediately get the awkward “boy you sure must have been rattled by us being attacked by spaceships if you need me to explain to you how to move the mouse and use the inventory and put some damn clothes on!” NPC tutorial speech that tries to pretend it’s not blatant metagame knowledge but of course is inescapably just that indeed.  Manages to be far more ridiculous than an actual tutorial overlay without being really any less intrusive or immersion-breaking.

Vault 13

There’s not too much to this map, and I couldn’t remember the locations of the various NPCs on Level Two. But this site needs more Fallout and it was a fun way to kill an hour on a Sunday morning :)

Maybe I’ll try something more ambitious sometime, like Junktown or the Hub.

Woo!  At this rate we’ll end up with an entire map of the Fallout games.  This is not a bad thing.