Yoshi’s Island

I’d have liked to continue drawing past the bridge and done the whole world map, sildenafil but I can’t remember enough of it to make a sketch! My six-year old self spent most of her time on Yoshi’s Island; I don’t even know if I ever actually beat the game. I think I’ll go find it now, and try again. (Also, Luigi’s flag is on the castle because whenever possible, I play as Luigi. He’s much cooler, in my mind.)

world map

Yay, Super Mario World. This is one of the first games I own ever and I’m surprised that I can still remember portions of the stage even though I never fully 100% completed it nor played it since middle school. 

Chocolate Island is hard, I don’t remember any of the stages there.  I also just remembered that there’s supposed to be a shiprwreck somewhere near Bowser’s Cave.

1000 AD

Oh, capsule man. I almost didn’t upload this, cause I’m so embarrassed by how much I’ve forgotten. I’m sure I could find anything in the game itself, but going completely from memory is crazy hard. It’s definitely not to scale, partially because I hit the edges of the paper, and partially because I don’t remember how the continents are shaped. However, I tried to put in as many of the important details as I could remember.

level 1

This is the first level of Donkey Kong Country for the SNES. This game gave out extra lives at an incredible rate—I might have forgotten about one on this level. My brother and I beat it one long weekend in December (I think school was closed because of snow), and like an idiot I told my mother that I probably wouldn’t play it again since it was too easy. Of course she had gotten it for us for Christmas that year. In the 17 or so years since we got it, I would guess we played it at least 300 hours, since it turns out that very easiness made it a great way to lazily kill a half hour waiting for dinner or something, just pick it up and go to the fun levels without worrying about lives or anything. 

world map

I started trying to draw the level map of the first level, check but despite my muscle memory knowing that inside out, my visual memory failed me. So instead I went with the overworld map. DKC2 is my favourite side scrolling platformer, I’ve played it so many times. It has just the right level of difficulty, with some hugely tricky, but rewarding jumps at the end of the game, and a nice learning curve. It is also hugely characterful and atmospheric, with the world map teeming with promise when you first load it up.

I know I’ve got some of the placings wrong, but I was pretty pleased with this anyway.

world map

I played the PSP rerelease last year so my memory of this map was a pretty vivid. That being said, I made a couple glaring mistakes. I put a series of great lakes where the underground waterway should go(kind of defeats the purpose of it being underground.) I forgot Mist so now the waterfall north of Baron flows directly from the sea. I actually drew the funky peninsula east of Kaipo but erased it because I could have sworn that only FFV had one of those. Mysidia is an island separated from Mt. Ordeals and takes the place of Agart which I completely forgot about.