first screen (stage selection)

This was always one of my favorite games (originally on PS2, but I eventually got it for GameCube when I lost my first copy).

I can’t draw characters. But Big was a ton of fun to play as.

I gave up on Charmy the Bee, because, really, who gives a damn about Charmy the Bee?

I’m going to admit that I have always had kind of a shitty attitude about Sonic.  Not as a franchise — the original games were pretty great as a twist on early platformers — but as a product of the hated Sega (I was a NES kid through-and-through in playground arguments) but more so just for the character design.  Sonic always looked like he deserved a punch in the face.  I don’t know.  Emotional baggage.  I should maybe talk to a therapist about this.