every single shop

This is my absolutely terrible rendition of just about any given shop in Faxanadu for the NES. It doesn’t help that I’m not the best drawer in the first place, but using a mouse to draw makes it even worse. I hope this causes at least one other person to remember their mantra. 

Hey, minimalism has it’s charms.  And man oh man I haven’t thought of Faxanadu in a long time.  I think I must have rented it once, because I don’t remember much of what comes up on googling but I have a small potent memory of the basic gameplay interactions.

The Kid 1-1

The music and levels from The Kid section of Super Meat Boy are forever etched into the fabric of my DNA. It’s what separates the boys from the super meat boys.

Super Meat Boy is the kind of hard-as-a-diamond-core platformer that I’m glad exists but do not have the force of will to actually make serious progress in.  My mind knows the way to go but my fingers betray me at one crucial moment or another, go after go, and I end up in a demoralized funk.

So instead I play it’s weird cousin The Binding of Isaac and for some reason enjoy that slightly slower pace of inevitably dying because I’m bad at it.