School (level 2)

THPS2, prescription Wild Arms 1 and Disgeae are the three PS1/2 games I can’t actually throw out, even though I have no valid console to play them on. I played this game to death when I was younger, and can still remember an alarming amount of detail about locations of phat lewt!

I know there’s a few mistakes on this map, for instance something went wrong on the left wall, and it seemed to get extended b a healthy portion… oh well. Also I never knew how to get into the swimming pool area when I was younger, and as such, although I know it’s there, I dunno what it looks like. So it’s simply marked ‘secrets’


Sega Grand Match Court

Virtua Tennis on Dreamcast is the reason I play real tennis today.  The more I played Virtua Tennis (as a teenager) I started to develop my own strategies.  One day while flicking through the channels I saw a tennis match on TV (which i would typically skip right past) and decided to watch. My mind was blown. They were using the exact same strategies that I had independently developed in Virtua Tennis!  Nowadays when I play tennis IRL I still visualize my motion and my shots as if I was playing Dreamcast.

Seaside Route 765

Ah, sickness the infamously infamous Seaside Route 765. Found in almost every Ridge Racer title (IIRC except Rage Racer and Ridge Racer Unbounded, unless if there’s a mod/track piece to do so/make a close imitation of it), it’s one of the shortest and easiest track to navigate(save for Rage Racer’s Extreme Oval and R4’s Shooting Hoops). Featuring handful amount of long, but not-so-tight curves, it’s always a pleasure to drift in this track with virtually any vehicle.

*FYI: 765 translates to Namco in kanji

The Basement by Leek amended

Updated version of this Tony Hawk map including box placement, cure 1/4 pipe hip, kicker 2 kicker gap instead of bowl. 1/4 pipe at top right, platform instead of ? marks. Thanks Leek, brought back some awesome memories. 

Heh, that’s great.  It’d be interesting to see more of these collaborative creations/amendments; if you see something that needs some annotations, give it the old red-pen treatment and submit it as an update!

The Basement

THPS Warehouse level. This is the very first level anyone who played the original THPS on the playstation will have encountered. It is relatively small and I played on it for HOURS with my best friend. As such I think I have done a fairly accurate version. There are definitely some areas which are lacking though (The bottom right is a complete blank).

The main memory point from this one is smashing through the glass to the small box-room above the main halfpipe. Located in here was one of the first video-tapes anyone playing the game probably earned.

tank battle

Most exciting video game ever created.  Obviously, viagra sale this is the most boring of the four levels, but it was the only one that truly had a “map”.  Nothing will ever be cooler than the way the joystick glowed in a darkened arcade.

A big part of me really wished every level of Tron was the lightcycle game.  Like, it was crap that I had to do all four levels just to move on to the next lightcycle iteration.  Tank game?  Bah.  Spider game?  Double-bah.  I did get pretty good at plowing through the MCP’s shields though.

Also: Discs of Tron?  Holography?  Heck yeah!  But I digress.

City Trial

Anyone who played Kirby Air Ride knew City Trial was where it was at. I chose to draw up the city in all of its glory. I must have sunk 100 hours into City Trial alone with this game, site which is how I still remember the city this well. It help’s that it’s not so big, but I feel like I did a pretty good job with proportions and whatnot. I did forget at least one ramp and the sky garden, but I left the latter out because it’s right in the middle of the map and might have been awkward to put it.

Still waiting for a sequel to this game! Cheers!