Nuke Building

I played Metal Gear Solid to absolute death when I was younger. I’d borrow it off my friend every other week to just play it again and again. I finally have my own copy now, which I still play from time to time. This is a map of the Nuke Building, all the floors I think. I can’t remember the items that are scattered about it though unfortunately. I put down all I could remember though! Oh I forgot all the dead bodies in the corridor going to Otacons lab *facepalm*!

Dremuchij South (Starting Area)

I missed a few details, like the fact that you can simply go around the log instead of crawling under it, but, hey! I haven’t played it in almost 3 years!

Also, I am SO happy they put it in the HD Collection so I can enjoy it on my PS3!

I still need to pick up the HD collection.  Of course, I still need to pick up MGS4.  Also, I was older than you are now when I played MGS3 the first time.  I need to think of myself not as old but as a Wizard.

Police Precinct (Police Station Section)

(The cut-off word in the bottom left is “Start”).

I’ve played Splinter Cell quite a few times now, illness most recently a couple months ago, but I daresay I’d have remembered this regardless. Before I owned the game I played the demo countless times, and this was the section for the demo itself.

The arrows vaguely show patrol paths. I probably coulda drawn a walkthrough path for the player but that would have gotten too messy.

Shipping and Receiving

Another Thief 2 map, this time the second level “Shipping & Receiving”. I used to play the Thief games A LOT and I think I can remember almost every detail of many of the levels. (At least, the ones which had layouts that made a bit of sense. Not Constantine’s Manor because that was deranged.) The game did give you an in-game map, but it was a crummy static hand-drawn image which often had inaccuracies or just big gaps with questions marks in them.

A Keeper’s Training

Okay, now let’s talk (and draw) some real games, not your typical Call of Duty or whatever.

Thief is my personal best game series of all time, and Thief: The Dark Project is probably the best of it just because it was the first. For me, it was a revelation. Such a deep, complex, stylish gameplay in a highly interactive, living, breathing world of shadows and steampunkish class – really, people, 99% of games you play these days that you think are good enough don’t match Thief’s incredible atmosphere and endless joy. I’m still playing it and I still think that nothing to this day matched its glory.

A Keeper’s Training mission doesn’t particularly represent Thief in a nutshell (nothing does), quite the opposite, it’s the only small and linear level in the game because it’s a training mission. However, it’s the only map I can draw from memory because the rest of the missions are so vast and sprawling that I can’t draw them on the go even though I played through this game for countless times. These big missions are multilayered and multifloored anyway, so it would require some effort to draw them. The training is, however, quite small and simple by comparison. And yet, there is stuff to discover. The guy up there, walking on the second floor in the very first room – why does he roam in circles? The hiding and the silent movement rooms – do you know that you can jump over the ledges and proceed without waiting for the small doors to open? The melee training and climbing/jumping/swimming yards – you surely climbed to rooftops and walked there, didn’t you? You fell down to the river on the first time, right? And of course, you did grab the vase at the very end before the mission ended?

This is the best game experience of all time of no doubt, and it’s still the training mission. So much more lies ahead – Bafford’s, Cragscleft, Bonehoard…

All the maps in this game are hand drawn and sometimes confusing. Just like this little map of mine.

All hail Looking Glass.

Sub Pen

The beginning area in Metal Gear Solid. The first time I saw this at a friend’s house I was blown away by the thinking and patience required to get through even this first area. I was totally terrible at the game, but felt compelled to explore every bit of it. I can’t quite remember what was in that top left area, though…

Anyway, at some point the game just clicked and I was suddenly competent enough to play stealthily. I’ve been hooked on stealth games ever since, and this beginning area in MGS was definitely the catalyst.

level 1

When I first played Syphon Filter I thought it was just going to be a Metal Gear Solid knockoff since MGS had recently come out and redefined action games with the stealth mechanics.  I was thrilled and delighted to see how run-and-gun it really was.  I don’t think I ever even beat the game, though I have fond memories of it and enjoyed the sequels.

Right after I heard about this site and read through it, I whipped out a pad and did Syphon L1, because for years I’ve cited that as How A Game Should Damn Well Start, With The Subway System Blowing Up and a Flame-Thrower Shootout at the Jefferson and all.  I know I forgot pretty much everything and I wish I had the recall or attention to detail that most of these entries have.  Hopefully I made up for it with the cursewords.