every single shop

This is my absolutely terrible rendition of just about any given shop in Faxanadu for the NES. It doesn’t help that I’m not the best drawer in the first place, but using a mouse to draw makes it even worse. I hope this causes at least one other person to remember their mantra. 

Hey, minimalism has it’s charms.  And man oh man I haven’t thought of Faxanadu in a long time.  I think I must have rented it once, because I don’t remember much of what comes up on googling but I have a small potent memory of the basic gameplay interactions.


I know, the games not actually out yet, but I’ve watched the gameplay video so many times it’s imprinted in my memory more than most games I’ve actually played.

I really love this stage. Hell, I loved it in God of War 3. I can’t wait to play it.

Ha!  We should have a whole “draw a map from a game you haven’t actually played” challenge some time.


I hope I can do a map I made in sketchup for your blog. It’s from memory. I took some stylistic liberties where my beginner sketchup skills failed me. It’s Warlock from Halo 2, my favorite Halo game. This isn’t my favorite map though; Terminal was probably my favorite (warthog jump + guardian train). But I decided to do Warlock because it’s where I first fell in love.

Double Kill, swag

We traded gamertags at school. It was our first online match. It was in Team Doubles, the most romantic playlist. I remember the exact moment, if that helps: At some point in the game he got a double kill and felt compelled to affirm it by shouting, “Double kill sonnnn!!!”

“What an asshole,” I thought.

Ha!  Love at first frag.  Sketchup work looks great, this is a neat variation on the theme.  Thanks for the submission!

every floor of Jail/Catacombs

It is currently the eve of Diablo 3 and I have Diablo on the mind and was also looking for something to kill the last 24 hours, ailment so here you go. Over 9,000 hours in MS paint, bask in its glory. Seriously though, sorry it is way uglier than my previous submissions, I drew it without really expecting to submit it, but figured “what the hell” at least it is somewhat topical.

Since these floors were randomly generated, this is more of a “commentary” about how seemingly every single time the staircase to proceed would always be the very last room left to clear. This happens pretty much everywhere in the game for me, but it seemed particularly frequent in Act 1.

See also how the more people you are playing multiplayer with, the more likely it is that you’re stuck going through tiny one-at-a-time worm tunnels in Act II.  Everything about Diablo 2 that wasn’t awesome was TERRIBLE.

The Southern Sea

Notes: I wish I had made notes on the in-game map that says what item you get from what little island, because then this would have been a little bit more interesting. Sadly, all I remember is that you get sheep cheese from the island north of the main port.

This is just super great.  And EO is a wonderful game as far as meta-level map stuff goes, what with the built-in drawing-a-map-on-graph-paper game mechanic.

Mission One

I had good memories of this game, and I wanted to do a map. However, since everything is three dimensional and you get into dogfights a lot, I could only wrap my mind around the first mission or five without it turning into a mess.

This mission is quite nice as a beginning tutorial, since it doesn’t make you do a lot of crazy turns for the first 10 minutes.

I can’t really believe it’s been 8 years since this game was released.

example tower

This isn’t a “map” per se, thumb because you can build your tower any way you like, but I just loved this game so much that I couldn’t help myself. I played it to death as a kid and it’s definitely my favourite of the SIM series. I’d say that I wish there was a modern remake, but I don’t think it would have the same charm. For the record, I’m pretty sure you can’t build movie theatres that far from a lobby, but I did it anyways. Deal with it.