Level 1

The first level of Battletoads (slightly abbreviated) on the back of an envelope. My brother and I played this level over and over again for hours at a time hoping to finally beat it. If you’ve ever played it, you know why it’s such a nightmare. To this day, I’ve still never finished it successfully without save states. I guess I’m a horrible person.

the whole game

I played this game a ton, but beat it so few times that the section where the evil doctor has your girlfriend (next to the dungeon) is particularly hazy. I probably haven’t played this game since summer break after 6th grade!

I really liked recording a high-pitched tone and mailing it to the record execs as a demo tape, then watching their windows crack when they give it a listen. Classic! I don’t think I ever figured out what that sarcophagus was for, but I probably  tried every item in the game on it that summer.

Awesome stuff, Matt.  Compare and contrast with this previous MM map; I love the way different approaches to the same game play out like this.  So great.

Level 5 – That one room with six Blue Darknuts

This is a great room with a great concept that definitely isn’t completely awful and annoying.

Man I hated those guys.  SO MUCH.  You could cheap ‘em out sometimes by hanging out in the safe zone of the doorway with full hearts and taking shooting-sword potshots, but even THAT wasn’t reliable since some rooms had shutter doors or bomb-through entries, neither of which allowed for that kind of cover.

Triple Triad board

It’s the Triple Triad board from Final Fantasy VIII. Or as my mates and I called it, for sale The Main Game. I spent probably 10x the amount of time playing Triple Triad compared to the story. When FFVIII came out on as a PSOne Classic I bought it just to play Triple Triad.

It’s the best mini game I’ve played in all of the Final Fantasy Series.

Yoshi’s Island

I’d have liked to continue drawing past the bridge and done the whole world map, sildenafil but I can’t remember enough of it to make a sketch! My six-year old self spent most of her time on Yoshi’s Island; I don’t even know if I ever actually beat the game. I think I’ll go find it now, and try again. (Also, Luigi’s flag is on the castle because whenever possible, I play as Luigi. He’s much cooler, in my mind.)