Yoshi’s Island

I’d have liked to continue drawing past the bridge and done the whole world map, sildenafil but I can’t remember enough of it to make a sketch! My six-year old self spent most of her time on Yoshi’s Island; I don’t even know if I ever actually beat the game. I think I’ll go find it now, and try again. (Also, Luigi’s flag is on the castle because whenever possible, I play as Luigi. He’s much cooler, in my mind.)

world map

Yay, Super Mario World. This is one of the first games I own ever and I’m surprised that I can still remember portions of the stage even though I never fully 100% completed it nor played it since middle school. 

Chocolate Island is hard, I don’t remember any of the stages there.  I also just remembered that there’s supposed to be a shiprwreck somewhere near Bowser’s Cave.

world map

I first played Super Mario World in 1997 when I got it as a birthday present. My best memory of the game lies with the Star World and Special World since the levels in these worlds were tough. Well, I was only 5, so I thought they were pretty tough, and I still think that Tubular is a pain in the ass.

The only thing I know that I missed on the overworld are the little details in Donut Plains like the green pillars and the rocks. Otherwise, that’s just about how I remember it. I even included those silly rumors about the island in the upper left for good measure :)