I hope I can do a map I made in sketchup for your blog. It’s from memory. I took some stylistic liberties where my beginner sketchup skills failed me. It’s Warlock from Halo 2, my favorite Halo game. This isn’t my favorite map though; Terminal was probably my favorite (warthog jump + guardian train). But I decided to do Warlock because it’s where I first fell in love.

Double Kill, swag

We traded gamertags at school. It was our first online match. It was in Team Doubles, the most romantic playlist. I remember the exact moment, if that helps: At some point in the game he got a double kill and felt compelled to affirm it by shouting, “Double kill sonnnn!!!”

“What an asshole,” I thought.

Ha!  Love at first frag.  Sketchup work looks great, this is a neat variation on the theme.  Thanks for the submission!