Medium craft

I’ve mentioned that I love X-Com (oh hey, the Xenonauts Kickstarter hit its funding goal! And way early!), and one of the things that made it so great was the way a little bit of chance and quirks of the AI meant that the same setup for a given mission could play out a lot of different ways.

Which is a good thing, because one of the things that was not random was the layout of the actual alien ships themselves.  And there were a number of different ships in the game, on a size continuum from the teeny tiny probe that could house a single pilot on up to really huge four-story things that were fifty yards across and stood on four massive legs that were themselves each the size of entire small alien craft.

But the thing about a game like X-Com is that, because you end up loving it a whole lot and playing it to death, you see those same ship types again and again and again.  And maybe this time the ship landed near a barn, and maybe that time it was a crash and half the aliens are dead, and maybe one time the alien crew is spread out in the countryside trying to snipe my guys as they climb a hill vs. the next time when they’re all hanging out in the engine room pissing their xenopants, but: but the ship is always the same.  It’s the constant in the equation.

So the layouts got pretty familiar.  I can’t even remember for sure whether this was actually the “medium” ship or the “small”, and I may have goofed on the placement of some detail here, but there’s no question that this was the ship I was going to find if I chased down or shot down this craft type.

There were eventually mods written for X-Com that made it possible to use random layouts for the ship interiors, which is a pretty neat idea and something I’ve enjoyed playing around with occasionally.  But for those core, brain-searing memories of my earliest love affair with X-Com, the ships were always the same.  This ship was always this ship.

You liked X-Com? Go pre-order Xenonauts!

I may have mentioned this game before, medical but as a huge huge fan of the original X-Com games from way back in the mid-90s, health I’ve been thrilled to death by the ongoing development of indie crew Goldhawk Interactive’s Xenonauts, see a really solid attempt at doing a faithful modern remake of the old strategy-and-tactics alien invasion defense game.

I pre-ordered it a while back.  (Before it was popular.  I am an X-Com remake hipster.)  And it’s looking really, really great.  If you’ve played X-Com, you know why this is exciting.  If you haven’t, you can play an alpha build public demo available at their Kickstarter page.

And they’ve just launched a “help us finish this game off and make it amazing” initiative on Kickstarter.  And if you like deep, compelling, you-are-gonna-lose-some-guys gameplay that mixes creepy tactical turn-based isometric combat with high-level save-the-world strategic base planning and research, you should go throw your twenty bucks at a pre-order.  Because OMG. 

Oh.  Muh.  Guh.