I hope I can do a map I made in sketchup for your blog. It’s from memory. I took some stylistic liberties where my beginner sketchup skills failed me. It’s Warlock from Halo 2, my favorite Halo game. This isn’t my favorite map though; Terminal was probably my favorite (warthog jump + guardian train). But I decided to do Warlock because it’s where I first fell in love.

Double Kill, swag

We traded gamertags at school. It was our first online match. It was in Team Doubles, the most romantic playlist. I remember the exact moment, if that helps: At some point in the game he got a double kill and felt compelled to affirm it by shouting, “Double kill sonnnn!!!”

“What an asshole,” I thought.

Ha!  Love at first frag.  Sketchup work looks great, this is a neat variation on the theme.  Thanks for the submission!

Truth and Reconciliation

Last time I played this game was appx. 2 years ago. I played the campaign for Halo: Combat Evolved many a time, physician so hopefully I got everything near perfect. Might play the game later to see just how close I actually got!! Included are:

Patrol paths, Enemy Locations, drop zones for enemies and allies, (Red for enemy, green for ally), a couple of ammo spots and health. Included is a key.

I only drew up to the grav-lift, because if I drew the inside of the TaR, it’d look like a kitten jumbled up a ball of yarn, with the prison, and the control room. Maybe the hangar.



I never actually played the original Halo, so I can’t identify this map.  Help me out here, Mapstalgiacs!  Ah!  Truth and Reconciliation!  Thanks for the heads up, brondeef.

One of the biggest surprises I’ve had running this site is how much googling I’ve been doing on games I’m not personally totally (or at all) familiar with.  And I tried “TaR” from drmcmeaty’s description but got misled by Tac. Assault Rifle results that sure didn’t make sense.